Sunday, May 18, 2014


Jesus Christ came into this world on SERIOUS BUSINESS. He came to save the world from sin, He came to save the lost, He came to DIE, He came to SUFFER. He came to GIVE HIS LIFE so that those who ACCEPT HIM can have life. But He was rejected, persecuted, slandered, they spat on Him, they tortured Him, they hung Him on a cross and they killed Him, for you and for me. The world did not accept Jesus, the world rejected Jesus.
They accepted what He gave to them. They accepted the healings, they accepted the bread and the fish when He fed the multitudes but THEY WOULD NOT GO WITH HIM. They would not stay with Him. THEY REJECTED HIM.
This world does not accept Jesus. Many so called Christians accept Jesus by their confession but they do not walk with Jesus. They are not associated with Jesus. They are associated with their church and their pastor and their Bible (KJV, NIV, NAS...) but not with Jesus. They will not follow after Jesus. If we are not willing to go after Jesus, follow and obey Him, be associated with Him, be rejected and persecuted because of Him and if we do not remain faithful to Him until the end then we will not spend eternity with Him, WE WILL NOT BE SAVED.
We cannot just accept the good things, want eternal life but reject Jesus. If we are not serious about our relationship with Jesus Christ He will also turn us away. If we deny Him He will certainly deny us. If we reject Him He will say to us:”Go away I never knew you, you worker of wickedness.” How serious are we about our relationship with Jesus? How SERIOUS are we about OBEYING Him and DOING what He commands?
Many believers will not obey Him and be baptized in water. Others will not accept the Holy Spirit which He sent to guide and teach us, they rather stick to their Bibles and reject Jesus, exactly like the pharisees did, they stuck to their Bibles (Torah) and they crucified Jesus Christ.

How SERIOUS ARE WE about our relationship with Jesus Christ? Will we FOLLOW and OBEY Him and endure with Him until the very end? May Jesus bless you.  

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