Sunday, May 11, 2014


A Samaritan woman once asked Jesus where we should worship, in Jerusalem or where? Jesus said to her that a time has come and now is that the true worshipers will worship God in SPIRIT and in TRUTH. It is not a matter of WHERE you worship but HOW you worship, whether you are SERIOUS with Jesus, and that is why Jesus gave us a NO NONSENSE STATEMENT. He said:”Whoever WISHES to come after Me must deny himself, pick up his cross every day and come here follow Me.”
Eternal life is about those people who worship God in SPIRIT and in TRUTH, those people who are not interested in playing games, in religion but who are serious about Jesus, who WANT eternal life, who are willing to GIVE IT ALL UP and go after Jesus Christ. Those are the ones who will have eternal life, those are the ones who will seek the Kingdom of God and FIND IT, those are the ones who will press on in and ENTER the Kingdom of God.
Do you desire to worship God in SPIRIT and in TRUTH? Are you serious? Then go after Jesus, seek Him with all your heart and you will find Him. OBEY His commands, His words that He spoke and Him and the Father will come and LIVE WITH YOU and He will REVEAL HIMSELF TO YOU, you will KNOW HIM and HE WILL GUIDE YOU and He will GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE! Do you want REALITY? Do you want Jesus Christ? Then GO AFTER HIM!

May Jesus bless you.

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