Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Holy Spirit will leave you

The most dangerous thing that can happen to a born again child of God is for the Holy Spirit to leave you. If we keep on willfully sinning and keep on disobeying the Holy Spirit then He will leave us. If we do not feel the Spirit of God all the time then we are in grave trouble and we need to find out why the presence of God has left us.
Sin and disobedience separates us from God and then we grieve His Holy Spirit. If we keep grieving the Holy Spirit, keep on disobeying Him then He will leave us and we will be in darkness, we will be away from the presence of God.
If the presence of God has left you, if you do not sense the Holy Spirit in you any more, then RUN BACK TO Jesus, fall on your knees, cry out in repentance, ask Him to show you what there is between Him and you, whatever sin, whatever disobedience, unwillingness, He will show you. And then REPENT of it, plead for forgiveness and STOP DOING IT! Plead for His presence to return to you.
We have to ALWAYS FELL THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT with us, that is God WITH US, Jesus IN US, a river of life flowing from our inner being. If that river stops flowing and you do not feel the presence of God you are IN GRAVE DANGER OF HELL FIRE! Make sure that you ALWAYS feel that presence of Jesus Christ IN you.

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. I had an experience some time ago, i desperately chase after it now. i woke up with this intense joy, yelling my soul is alive! twas so wonderful so loving so peaceful and on top of that everything was so easy to understand. now i just feel this faintly. im pressing towards this.