Wednesday, May 7, 2014

YOU have to change

Jesus Christ will not fit into our plans and our ambitions for our lives. If we want eternal life we have to abandon our own plans, we have to sacrifice our own ambitions for the benefit of becoming a child of God. We have to FOLLOW Jesus, GO AFTER Him and live our lives IN OBEDIENCE to Him to PLEASE HIM.
We will have to FIT INTO the Kingdom of God. Jesus will not come after us, support our plans and do what we want. If we want ETERNAL LIFE we must seek what Jesus wants and we can only know that if we KNOW HIM, if we SEEK HIM every day, GO AFTER Him every day and DO what is pleasing to Him. If we SEEK HIM we FIND Him. He reveals Himself to those who are serious, who EARNESTLY SEEK HIM. Jesus is not interested in our plans, our ambitions, it is all about Him and the Kingdom of God. We have to SEEK and FURTHER, PROGRESS the Kingdom of God. We can only do that if we are led by the Holy Spirit, if Jesus LIVES IN US, if we GO AFTER HIM and His Spirit and we deny ourselves our own desires, our own plans, our own ambitions and we pray “Lord, THY WILL BE DONE.” meaning it!
Jesus will not fit into our plans or into OUR LIFE or OUR lifestyle or into OUR situation. He will not fit in with our friends. He will not conform to OUR standards. WE have to FIT IN WITH HIM, with His Kingdom and DO what is pleasing to HIM. If we are not willing to ABANDON EVERYTHING, friends, family, country, our own lives and GO AFTER Jesus then we are not worthy of Him and His Kingdom and we will not get to know Him and He will say to us, when we die:”Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness.”
The religious will not enter the Kingdom of God, it is only those who follow and obey Jesus Christ. He requires UTTER devotion. We need to be DISCIPLES if we want eternal life. There is only ONE WAY and that is Jesus Christ. If Jesus is not our life then we do not have LIFE.

May Jesus bless you.

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