Sunday, May 18, 2014

Beware Personal Prophecies and Curses

Do not let your life be destroyed and ruined by WORDS, your own words and the words that other people speak. Many people are destroyed through personal prophecies, when they allow people to prophesy over their lives, they believe those things, they go ahead and do it and they are destroyed. I have seen people's lives destroyed after they believed and acted on personal prophecies. Let Jesus Christ alone, speak over your life, submit yourself to Him and let Him determine your life. Let Him determine your footsteps, where you will go, what you will do and where you will end up.
I was personally affected by the words of a person that I worked for. He was a college dropout and when I started studying part time, he said to me:”You will never finish a University degree, you can't do it.” It took me 20 years to finish my first University degree. It was only after I submitted my life to Jesus that Jesus sent me back to University and I finished the degree. I finished another degree and I also finished a Masters degree with A's in all my subjects. We can do all things through Jesus Christ who gives us the POWER.
Many people accept a death sentence when they go to the doctor and the doctor diagnoses them with some terminal disease. They believe the doctor, he says:”You have got three months to live,” and they believe him. The doctor says:”You have got to be operated on or else you will die,” they are operated on and they die. Many people go to the psychologist, they believe his diagnoses and he puts them on medication, they become addicted and they are destroyed.
It is because people listen to other people and the words of those people destroy them. Many parents say to their children:”You will never achieve this,” or “you will never achieve that, you are a failure.” Many people say:”I cannot stop sinning,” and they don't stop sinning and they end up in hell because they have SPOKEN DEATH over themselves.
Do not let your own words of the words of others rule your life. Let Jesus Christ rule because WITH JESUS we can DO ALL THINGS. With Jesus NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. Paul said:”I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.” LISTEN to Jesus, FOLLOW Him and OBEY Him! Ask HIS OPINION, not the opinion of people AND YOU WILL LIVE!
I will live as long as I am useful for the Kingdom of God. I will LIVE as long as I serve the purpose of my Master, Jesus Christ. HE determines my life. HIS WORDS rule my life. Submit to Jesus and let HIS WORDS rule your life.

May Jesus bless you.

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