Saturday, October 25, 2014


The wages of sin is death. If we stumble and fall into sin it can cause us to end up in hell. Satan is doing his best to make us stumble so that we can end up in damnation. Even though we might be very careful we might stumble at times. The only way that we will NOT STUMBLE is if we STAY FOCUSED ON Jesus, if we keep our eyes on Him and we get our guidance from Him, if we do not act on our own, our own judgment, our own initiative but if we live constantly, moment by moment under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In everything we have to FIRST ASK JESUS how to react, what to do, or else we will stumble.
If we keep our eyes on Jesus, stay focused on Him, He will not allow us to stumble. Make sure that you do not stumble. Stay focused on Jesus, always in prayer, always ask of Him and He will guide you so that you will not stumble, you will not sin, you WILL be pleasing to Him. The only way to have eternal life is to follow Jesus Christ step by step. If you take your eyes off Him YOU WILL STUMBLE!
Do not stumble, follow Jesus.

May Jesus bless you.

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