Monday, October 6, 2014

REST for your soul

There is only ONE place to find rest for your soul and that is when you are IN CHRIST, when you are DOING what Jesus wants you to do. If you fix your mind on Christ and seek Him with all your heart then He will FILL your mind with His Spirit and His Spirit will guide you into those things that are pleasing to Him.
It does not matter what your circumstances are, it doesn't matter what happens around you but if you are IN CHRIST, if His Spirit is guiding you and you LISTEN, FOLLOW and OBEY His Spirit speaking IN you then you will have PEACE. Even though the world around you may be in turmoil, Jesus will give you His peace that passes all understanding. If you seek to please other people or want to fit in with the world, you will be in turmoil but if you seek to be pleasing to Jesus all the time you will be IN HIS PEACE.
Fix your mind on Jesus, seek Him with all your heart ALWAYS, and you will live in His peace, in His presence.

May Jesus bless you.

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  1. Amen. I have found this to be true by own experience. The Peace of God can only be gained and retained when you focus on Jesus. Be quiet and listen to the still small voice. Don't just spend time with Jesus, let Him dwell in you, so to become a channel of His holiness, doing His works only. And you will need no more wonder about "sin", or get distracted by the world and people in it. While still in this world, it's possible to reach another realm: the Spiritual Kingdom of Heaven. Peace in midst of storm, complete rest and security while the world is in tumult. Praise God for He is Good! :)