Sunday, October 5, 2014

Good people DO go to hell

God made everybody good but people do evil things. There is no man that is just good. Somebody came to Jesus and said to Him:”Good Teacher...” and Jesus said to him:”No man is good, only God is good.” Good people will also end up in hell because nobody IS good. We have to DO GOOD, we have to FOLLOW AND OBEY Jesus. He has written His laws in our hearts and if we LISTEN to Him, in our heart and we OBEY Him and if we DO GOOD, we will live, but if we do wicked things, if we sin and disobey Jesus we will perish.
The wages of sin is death and we will all be judged by our deeds, good or bad. God will reward every man for what he has done. Those who persistently keep seeking the will of God and keep DOING what He guides them to do will be rewarded with eternal life, but those who selfishly go after their own desires and do wicked things will perish.
Nobody is good but we have to DO GOOD to be pleasing to God.

May Jesus bless you.


  1. I have a question to ask you. Even people who have holy ghost and pray to God, are they still going to hell if they play clean games, watch christian movie or other things that is not sin in the world compare to war games, horror movies, other things that is sin in the world?

    1. We must fill our mind with Jesus and stay focused on Him or else we will stray from Him. Ask His approval on everything you do and you will do what is pleasing to Him. Jesus bless you.