Thursday, October 16, 2014

Overcome Fear Depression Anxiety

Many believers suffer from fear, anxiety and depression. It is because they do not really believe in Jesus, because they do not really trust Him. Perfect love drives out fear. If we are right with God and if we trust in Him then we have no reason to fear. A believer that fears does not trust Jesus and we must find out why we are anxious, why we fear, why we are depressed. It is because our relationship with Jesus is not right. If we fix our relationship then we have no reason to fear.
Jesus is faithful, He cannot fail. If we trust Him and we BELIEVE that He makes all things work together for good to love Him and who obey Him then we have nothing to fear. If we as believers are living in fear, anxiety and depression then we must find out what the cause is of that fear. If we have sin in our lives we have reason to fear because the wages of sin is death and we can expect punishment. If we REPENT of that sin then we have no reason to fear. If we fear because we do not trust Jesus then that fear is sin and we have to repent of it. We have to FULLY trust Jesus, without faith it is impossible to please God, so if we have fear and anxiety we must repent of it and TRUST in Jesus. Start praising Him, start thanking Him because He is good! Jesus will never fail, He will never let us down but if we do not trust Him we will not follow Him nor obey Him and then we will live in fear.
The reason for fear is because we are separated from God. Get rid of those things that separate you from God and you will have peace. Start praising and thanking Jesus because HE IS GOOD! Get your focus on Him and you have no reason to fear. Trust Him, praise Him and He will fill you with His peace and joy.

May Jesus bless you.

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