Saturday, October 4, 2014

Your Leagacy

What will we leave behind the day that we die? How will we be remembered? Were we destroyers, fighters, killers or did we serve the purpose that Jesus called us for? Did we build the Kingdom of God? All that really matters is whether we built the Kingdom of God, whether we were useful for the purpose that God called us for.
All our works, good works that we did, will be tested by God's fire and if our works are burned we will receive no positive reward but we will also be judged for all we have done, good or bad and God will reward every man for what he has done. Were our works pleasing to Jesus? What reward do we expect?
Those who did not follow and obey Jesus will perish, will be rejected, they will go into damnation. Jesus gave talents to each one of His children. If we did not use those talents for His kingdom we will be cast out into eternal darkness where there will be whaling and gnashing of teeth. What reward do we expect? What is our legacy? How will we be remembered in eternity? Will we be in glory with Jesus in His Kingdom or will we be in eternal damnation?

May Jesus bless you.

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