Thursday, October 9, 2014

Understanding the WILL OF GOD

Many believers have a zeal for God but they lack understanding of the will of God, that which God requires of them. God has a plan and a purpose for every child of His but only God Himself, Jesus Christ, can tell you and give you UNDERSTANDING of what He requires of you. Only Jesus Christ Himself can give you that GUIDANCE and UNDERSTANDING if you SEEK Him and IF you FOLLOW Him.
Believers seek guidance in the wrong places. They seek it in the Bible, they seek it with preachers and with other people. Jesus Christ is ALIVE and He sent us His SPIRIT, the Holy Spirit to GUIDE us into all truth and to TELL us all things but believers do not TRUST the Holy Spirit and many have not been taught to LISTEN to the Holy Spirit, they run after people and other things. We have to be LED and GUIDED by the Holy Spirit, we have to seek Jesus, PRAY, WAIT on Him, be FILLED with the Holy Spirit, be taught and guided by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of TRUTH who will guide us into all truth.
Go PRAY, go WAIT on the Lord, SEEK Him earnestly and He will guide you by His Spirit, He will give you UNDERSTANDING. Stay with Him, OBEY Him, be guided by Him and HE will guide you into all truth.

May Jesus bless you.

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