Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Playing with words DEAD RELIGION

Many so called Christians base their faith on selected verse from the Bible and with those verses they try to prove their security of salvation. These people are practicing DEAD RELIGION from a book, the Bible, because they do not know Jesus, the living God.
The kingdom of God is not WORDS or WORD GAMES, the kingdom of God is POWER, the POWER of Jesus Christ that transforms a sinner into an obedient child of God that DOES the will of God and who walks in the POWER of the Holy Spirit, being GUIDED by the Holy Spirit, having a REAL RELATIONSHIP with the Living God. Such a person does not depend on a book or selected verses, he speaks from his relationship, his TESTIMONY of Jesus Christ, of KNOWING the Living God and those things that God does in his life. Such a person talks about what he heard from God, what he has experienced at the hand of God, to him Jesus Christ is REAL and ALIVE. He does not run around quoting Bible verses to prove his salvation, such a person talks about his LORD and MASTER whom he KNOWS.
A true child of God KNOWS the ONE in whom he believes, he KNOWS his Father and he can talk about his Father, he does not base his faith on verses in a book. These phony (fake) Christians study the Bible and try to prove their salvation and their security of salvation with some Bible verses but they themselves do not know nor follow Jesus Christ, they are only fooling themselves because they are practicing DEAD RELIGION FROM A BOOK.
Do you KNOW the Living God? Have you been transformed by Jesus Christ? Is Jesus REAL to you? Do you LISTEN to His voice and FOLLOW Him every day? Do you GO where He sends you and do you see the hand of God moving every day? Do you SERVE the Living God or are you practicing DEAD RELIGION FROM A BOOK?

May Jesus bless you.


  1. I noticed your left at the top that say

    (Hebrews 1:7)

    "He makes His servants flames of fire"

    I have fire in me EVERYDAY. Servant meant a follower....Im his follower? I don't realize it. I think God been talking to me since. He talk to me IN my chest? Is that HIS VOICE? Every time I go, I feel him and Im confused and I have no idea what he try to tell me IN me. I think because I'm a baby Christian? Every time I prayed, he was there IN me surround heat around me. I think he know me... Did you confused like me when u WAS a baby Christian?