Sunday, October 19, 2014


Purify your heart, your mind your walk, your senses, everything, clean up your act and get your focus on Jesus Christ. Seek Him with everything that is in you and you will SEE Him, you will EXPERIENCE Him, you will SEE God.
Those who are pure in heart, they will see God. We have to cleanse ourselves of all iniquity, purify our minds, clean up and get rid of everything that separates us from God, your TV, your wrong friends, the things that you occupy yourself with, senseless entertainment, movies, video games, those things that you fill your mind with, those things that you buy with money that you don't have (debt), those things that you lust after and desire, things that you do not need.
All we need is Jesus, all we need is to be in close relationship with God. If we go after Jesus, if we desire Him with all our heart and put all other things away from us, unnecessary things, those things that distract us, sinful things, those things that soil us, that fill our minds with wickedness and selfishness; if we CLEANSE ourselves of all those things and focus on Jesus, we will SEE Him, we will EXPERIENCE Him, we will see the hand of God moving all over because GOD IS IN CONTROL.
If we TURN TO Jesus and turn away from sin, turn away from wickedness, we will find Him, we will SEE Him. But most people turn from God, they run away from God, they run away from Jesus and then they go into darkness. Go to Jesus, He is LIGHT, and let His light FILL YOU and you will WALK IN THE LIGHT, He will guide you every step of the way.

May Jesus bless you.

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