Tuesday, October 21, 2014

From the HEART

People act and react from that which is in their heart. Wicked people are wicked at heart, kind and friendly people are kind at heart. Wicked people do not care for the suffering of others, they don't care to hurt an animal, they are selfish, in their heart they are wicked.
If we love Jesus we love Him from the heart but if we have to learn to love Him and serve Him from a Book, then we are fakes and liars because at heart we don't love Him, we are children of the devil, because from our heart we bring forth evil. From that which is in the heart man acts and speaks, that is the source of everything that he does. Sinners SIN because at heart they are sinners but if we are born again and we have met Jesus Christ, then at heart we are different and we LOVE Him, we SERVE Him FROM THE HEART. We don't want to sin, we are not interested in the world and the things of the world, we are not interested in the desires of the flesh, we love Jesus and we want to please Him. You don't learn from a Bible how to love Jesus. If it is not in your heart then you don't know Him, you are not a child of God. If wickedness is in your heart you are a son of the devil and you need a NEW HEART. You need to meet Jesus and fall in love with Him and He will give you a NEW HEART and then you will be different. You won't be a sinner any more, you will care for HIM and for His Kingdom and you will be careful to do that which is pleasing to Jesus.
Most Christians don't know Jesus, they are not born again. They are wicked at heart. They are trying to DO and to BE what they ARE NOT because it does not come from their heart.
Do we love Jesus from the heart? Do we really care? Have we been changed? Are we born again? Are we sinners or are we PURE, HOLY, SAINTS, children of God, FROM THE HEART?

May Jesus bless you.

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