Sunday, August 7, 2016

Beyond Human Understanding

The works of God are great and marvelous beyond understanding. We cannot define or explain how God does what He does but He
gives understanding to those who are born again.
Jesus said that we have to be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven. That in itself is a mystery. How can a person be born again? It is only by the Spirit of God that a sinner is changed, that a person is made knew that he is changed from a wicked person to a child of God, that immediately he loses his taste for the things of the world and he loves God. It is only when the hand of God touches us that we are miraculously changed. Very few people are truly born again. Very few people truly become children of God but those who do, have understanding.
How can you explain that a person can be filled with the Holy Spirit and immediately speak in another tongue that he never learned? How do you explain that the Spirit of God can come and dwell in a person and pray with your spirit, giving you the words, utterances to communicate with God and to pray mysteries to God? That is a mystery that only comes from being filled with the Holy Spirit. That is the marvels of God.
People try to explain God. They try to define Him. They draw
pictures, build images and create doctrines like the Trinity. They cannot explain how God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ can be one God only. But it is when you meet Jesus that you
gain understanding.
You cannot understand the kingdom of God, you cannot appreciate the words of Jesus Christ unless you are born again and it is only the work of the Holy Spirit, the hand of God, that can miraculously change and give you understanding so that you can
hear the voice of Jesus, you can see the kingdom of God and that
you have a desire for Jesus Christ.
You cannot force God to speak to you. You cannot force God to reveal Himself to you. People want to know how God speaks. He
speaks and His sheep hear His voice. Jesus Christ reveals Himself to those who humble themselves before Him and who
seek Him. He reveals mysteries to them and He gives them understanding. You cannot buy it, you cannot learn it you cannot acquire knowledge from a book, what other people say. You have to experience it yourself you have to meet Jesus Christ and He will reveal Himself to you. He will open your eyes, He will
give you understanding and you will see the hand of God moving.
He will reveal mysteries to you. The whole world wants to find out how God made things, how things work. Those are the works of God that people do not understand but God gives understanding to His children, to those who are born again ,to those who seek Him.
The human mind cannot understand the works of God but once God opens your spiritual eyes and gives you understanding then you understand and you know, because God freely gives to those who seek Him If we seek Jesus Christ we will find Him.
If we humble ourselves before Him and earnestly cry out to Him, yearn for him He will reveal Himself to us but if we keep
on denying Him we will never gain understanding.
Do you want LIFE?
Do you want to hear the voice of God? Do you want understanding? Then humble yourself before Jesus seek Him with all
your heart. e gives freely to those who earnestly
seek Him. Seek Jesus and He will give you understanding.
May Jesus bless you

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