Monday, August 22, 2016

Praying in the SPIRIT According to the WILL of God

The most important thing
that we as children of God can do and should do is to pray but we do
not always know rightly what you pray, how to pray, what to pray for.
Jesus Christ taught us to pray for the will of God to be done here on
earth as it is in heaven.
This world is in turmoil.
There is so much uncertainty and we do not know what to pray. I don't
know what to pray but Jesus Christ sent us the Holy Spirit; the Holy
Spirit knows what the will of God is and He will guide us into what
to pray how to pray. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans chapter 8 verse
26, "the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know how
we ought to pray, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groan
too deep for words and He who searches our hearts now is the mind of
the Spirit because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to
the will of God." That is why Jesus Christ promised the Holy
Spirit to come and dwell in us to be with us, to guide us, to comfort
and teach us what to say,
how to pray. He gives His Holy Spirit in those who seek Him, who
repent of sin, repent of their own ways, and yearn for Him with all
their heart, who are baptized in water and then He fills them with
the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes and dwells in them and prays
with their spirit to God. They pray in the spirit. I thank Jesus that
He gave me His Holy Spirit and whereas Ii do not know what to pray, I
am not at a loss because He lives in me and He prays with me and
through me according to the will of God; and therefore I invite you
now to pray with me for yourself, for this world, because God knows
what we need and if we allow the Spirit of God to pray in us and with
us and through us then we pray according to the will of God and our
prayers are answered. If you have not yet received the baptism in the
Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit dwelling in you and praying with your
spirit then I want to encourage you seek Jesus; seek the baptism in
the Holy Spirit, the indwelling of His Spirit in you so that you can
pray in the spirit dear friend.
Pray with me and believe,
put your trust in Jesus let your heart reach out to Him for whatever
your desire, your problem might be, and He will hear you; come and
pray with me.
Heavenly Father we bow
down before Thee, o mighty God; Lord and we thank Thee that we are
not on our own. Thy Spirit in us knows what we need and also knows
what Thy Spirit requires, knows Thy will o God. And therefore Lord,
we pray that Thy Spirit will pray in and through us according to the
will so that Thy will be done. Hallelujah ...praying in tongues....
... Hallelujah, Lord. Our
expectation is in Thee, our hope is in Thee Father; we pray O Lord
that our prayer and our supplication before Thee will be before Thy
throne room and be answered, our needs will be supplied and that Thy
Spirit be manifested in and through us, last Lord Jesus; that Thy
kingdom come Thy will be done Father, according to Thy precious will
so that we become one with Thee, that we be guided by Thy Spirit
Father; have the mind of Christ through the Spirit of Christ dwelling
in us and praying through us. We bless and we honor and we praise
Thee Father. I pray Lord whoever is watching this video and who
desires Thy Spirit, Lord; that they open their heart that they reach
out to Thee, seek Thee Father for Thy gift of Thy Spirit to indwell
them to pray through them too so that they can be one with Thee, in
unity with Thee , in communion with Thee Father so that we can be one
in the Spirit one in Thy kingdom, and one for Thy will to be done
here on earth as it is in heaven. Guide us dear Father we pray in
Jesus' precious Name. Hallelujah. Amen

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