Sunday, August 28, 2016

He will teach you

It is not the will of God that any person perish but that all repent, be reconciled with Him and have eternal life. And that is why He sent Jesus, to reconcile man with Him. If we accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Master , He accepts us. He will not reject any person who comes to Him and who accepts Him as his Lord and Master.

Jesus Christ is faithful and He will teach you, He will guide you; He will teach everything that you need to know to be a child of God. He will never leave you and He will never forsake you. He will not abandon you. If you submit to Him, you will gain understanding, but if you rebel against Him and if you disobey Him He will discipline you. If you keep on rejecting His goodness, His mercy and His discipline, His correction, then He will CUT YOU OFF!

Jesus Christ said that every branch in Him that does not bear fruit , will get cut off and burned. It is not the will of God that we perish but we cannot enter His kingdom if we have not become like Jesus Christ, if we do not obey Him Without holiness no man shall see God.

Many people have accepted Jesus and then they turned away from Him. They were not serious but He is serious; and since they have accepted Jesus, their life has become extremely difficult. Many of them have gone back to sin and they are now in a worse situation that before they knew Jesus. If we come to Jesus, He sets us free from sin. He forgives our past sin, but if we go back to sin and we turn our back on Jesus, He will come after us; He will punish us, He will discipline us, like any good father. He will not turn a blind eye to us (ignore us), He will correct us, and the discipline of God is severe because He cares for us.

We learn through what we suffer and that is why many who have once accepted Jesus and do not follow and obey Him, that is why they suffer. It is because they are under the discipline of the Holy Spirit. Jesus cares for us and that is why He wants to teach us OBEDIENCE, holiness, righteousness, but if we do not respond to His love and care, to His discipline, then He will discipline us even more severe. Eventually, if we do not turn and submit to Him He will cut us off.

If you do not repent GOD WILL CUT YOU DOWN and you will end up in HELL.

Will you LEARN or will you BURN?

May Jesus bless you.

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