Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Get REAL with Jesus Christ

Do you believe what the
Bible says about Jesus Christ? Do you believe that He is alive? Do
you believe that He is Lord, that He is King of kings and Lord of
lords? Do you believe that He speaks that is His sheep hear His
voice, they listen to Him and they follow Him? Do you believe that if
you obey the words of Jesus Christ, repent and are baptized in water
that He will give His Holy Spirit to live in you, to speak to you, to
guide you, to teach you; to guide you into all truth, to tell you
things to come? Do you believe that Jesus Christ will live in you? Do
believe what Jesus said, that those who believe in Him will lay their
hands on the sick and they will recover, that they will speak in
tongues. Do you believe that? Do you believe that if you ask Jesus He
will speak to you? If you do believe that; why do you ignore him? Why
do you not ask Him everything that you need to know? Why do you not
take Him seriously? Why do not obey Him?
Most professing Christians
have a form of godliness; they believe in the Bible, they believe
that if they confess that they believe in Jesus they have eternal
life, but they don't know Jesus Christ. They do not believe that He
is alive; they do not know Him. If you truly believe in Jesus Christ,
if you believe His words and you obey Him, then you will get to know
Him, you will be guided by His Spirit, the Spirit will live in you
every moment. But most people do not believe; they do not know Jesus
Christ and when they die they will stand before Him and He will say
to them, "Go away I never knew you, you workers of wickedness."
And they will say, "Lord but we went to church, we read the
Bible, I prayed every day. He will say, "I don't know you, you
never spoke to Me, you never asked Me for wisdom, you lived your life
to please yourself. You did not believe that I was alive, you did not
seek Me, you lived to please yourself; why do you want to come to Me
Are you real with Jesus
Christ, do you truly know Him? If you really believe what is written
in the Bible you will fall on your knees and you will cry out to
Jesus with all your heart; you will seek Him. You will say, "Lord
speak to me please, I want to know you Lord Jesus!" You will
seek Him with all your heart and He will reveal Himself to you and
you will know Him for real. If you really believe you will keep on
seeking, you will keep on listening to Him, you will keep on
following Him. You will not want to live without Him, you will run
away from sin, you will make sure that your relationship with Jesus
Christ is always perfect. If you really believe, if you are REAL with
Jesus Christ, you will not care what other people think, what they
say about you. You will only be concerned about your relationship
with Jesus Christ, because that is all that matters now and for
Are you real with Jesus
Christ? Do you truly know Him and follow Him every day, or do you
believe what you do not know? Get real with Jesus Christ and He will
be real with you, and He will be real for you, in you and through
you. Jesus Christ is alive, He is God Almighty. Get real with Jesus
before it is too late.
May Jesus bless you.

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