Friday, August 26, 2016

LASTING Satisfaction Joy and Contentment

Lasting satisfaction, joy
and contentment is only found in Jesus Christ. When we are in
Christ and when He is in us. If Jesus Christ is not in us we are
uncertain, insecure, anxious and filled with fear about the future,
about death. But if we come to know Jesus Christ and we accept Him
and He comes and dwells in us then He gives us peace beyond all
understanding; but we need to be in Christ and Christ needs to be in
How does it happen that
Jesus Christ can come and dwell in a person, be in us? If we accept
Jesus Christ and obey His words, His commands, if we turn to Him
repent from sin and from going after our own ways, our own desires
and we obey Him go, after Him; stop sinning, be righteous and holy
and if we follow Him through water baptism, being baptized in water
for the washing off of our sins, and we keep on seeking Him then He
gives His Holy Spirit to dwell in us, the Comforter to be with us
The world, those who do
not believe in Jesus, those who do not obey Him, and do not submit to
Him, those who do not seek Him, cannot receive the Holy Spirit and
they cannot experience that comforting communion with Jesus Christ.
If we seek Him with all our heart and obey His words, He gives His
Holy Spirit in us. He baptizes us in the Holy Spirit H gives in us
streams of living water that fill us, flow through us, into eternal
life, His Spirit in us guides us, teaches us, comforts us, is always
with us, He satisfies our soul. He supplies in all that we need and
we are content because Jesus Christ lives in us.
He even helps us to pray.
We ourselves do not know what to pray, but if His Spirit dwells in
us, He gives us a tongue, a heavenly tongue whereby we can pray; we
can speak to God, mysteries. Nobody understands what we say; we
ourselves do not even know what we are saying, but the Spirit who
dwells in us, prays with us and for us according to the will of God
and when we pray in the spirit we are edified. We are built up and
that peaceful Water of the Holy Spirit flows through us and He gives
us peace, peace beyond understanding. We do not know where it comes
from, but that peace is Jesus Christ in us. I do not even know what
I'm praying when I pray in tongues but my spirit prays to God. The
Holy Spirit prays with me. He gives me utterance and I pray according
to the will of God. I am edified, I'm satisfied, because I know that
He prays according to the will of God in and through me and He
supplies in all my needs. He gives me peace beyond understanding.
Is Jesus Christ living in
you? Has He given you of His Spirit to be with you and in you, to
comfort you? Do you pray in the spirit? Are you satisfied? Do you
have the joy and peace contentment of Jesus Christ in you, that
everlasting contentment? You only find that peace, joy and
contentment in Jesus Christ. If you want that piece, if you want that
joy, that never-ending comfort then seek Jesus with all your heart.
Go after Him. Obey Him; submit yourself to Him. His Holy Spirit will
come and dwell in you. He will guide you and He will teach you, will
tell you all things, and He will give you peace beyond all
understanding; peace and contentment that you cannot find in this
world you can only find it in Jesus. Seek Jesus and He will satisfy
your soul.
May Jesus bless you

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