Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Don't let satan ROB you

Modern-day Christian
believers are spiritually deprived, powerless against sin and against
satan. They have been robbed by satan because they believe lies; they
do not have the Holy Spirit, they do not have Jesus Christ. Jesus
Christ gives His Holy Spirit in those who believe in Him, who obey
Him and who seek Him. Without the Holy Spirit we have no power and we
cannot stand against the devil, we cannot overcome.
Most modern day believers
think they are saved because they believe in Jesus. They go after
Bible knowledge but they have no knowledge of God; they do not know
Jesus Chris, they are spiritually deprived and dead, because they do
not have the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ promised to those who seek
Him, and who obey Him; who repent and who are baptized in water. The
first believers were earnestly seeking the baptism in the Holy
Spirit. They did not have Bibles; they were not seeking Bible
knowledge. They were seeking to be filled with the Spirit of Christ,
with the Holy Spirit and once they received the Holy Spirit they went
out in the power of the Spirit. The disciples, the apostles did not
have Bibles; they did not teach people to read the Bible, they did
not explain the Bible to them, they taught them the words of Jesus
Christ and they demonstrated the power of the Holy Spirit because
they were filled with Spirit. They were not full of human wisdom and
scripture verses, they will filled with the power of God; they healed
the sick and they brought people to repentance. The power of God work
through them because they were praying in the Spirit; they overcame.
They overcame the lusts of the flesh, they overcame satan and they
endured with Jesus Christ until the end. The first martyr for Christ,
Stephen, did not go to Bible school but he was filled with the Spirit
and he preached like few preachers know how to preach today even if
they've spent years in Bible School. It is because they don't have
the Spirit of Christ. Stephen was filled with the Spirit of God and
the apostles were filled with the Spirit of God, with the Holy Spirit
and Jesus Christ promised that same Spirit in us to be witnesses for
Him, to bear fruit for Him.
The reason why believers
are fruitless, without the fruit of the Holy Spirit, without the
power of the Holy Spirit is because they do not have the Holy Spirit;
they do not know Jesus Christ and even those who have received the
baptism in the Holy Spirit and can pray in tongues, they've been
deceived by satan and they do not pray in tongues. Believers do not
pray in tongues in church anymore because it's not respectable, it's
not acceptable. They want to be accepted by the world but they don't
care to deny Jesus Christ and to neglect the gift that he has given
to them. Those who pray in tongues are speaking to God. They don't
care who is listening because those who listen to them can in any
case not understand what they saying. if I pray in tongues and my
brother next to me prays and tongues then both of us are speaking to
God, we're not speaking to each other. We do not bother each other,
we do not interfere with each other because we are speaking to God.
If brothers from different nations and different languages that
cannot even understand each other, but who are filled with the Holy
Spirit, when they get together and they pray in the Spirit they are
of the same Spirit and the Holy Spirit functions in and through them
because they are listening to the Head, they are serving the Master,
they are not busy with each other. Believers want to come together
and have some friendship club, they want to be accepted by each
other; they don't come together to pray to be edified in the Spirit
and for the Spirit of God to work in and through them, to build the
Body of Christ because they are not of the Body of Christ they are of
the church club and they have no relationship with God, they do not
know Jesus Christ and that is why they powerless. They are all
sinners, they are fornicators, adulterers, whores, immoral people
coming together in a church club in the name of Jesus but they serve
satan. They are of the world, they are not of God, they are utterly
powerless and that is why the power of God cannot work through them
they are evil, satan lives in them not Jesus Christ, they're full of
demons. If Jesus Christ lives in you, you will be holy, you will be
pure, you will not sin; you will occupy yourself with Jesus, with the
kingdom of God. You will be praying in tongues, you will be speaking
to God; you won't care to speak to people, you will speak to people
when God tells you to speak to people; but otherwise your businesses
is with God. Believers are deprived, they are spiritually dead. The
Spirit of God is not in them they are playing church-games.
They think education and
Bible knowledge, church membership, will get them into heaven. It
won't; if you do not have the Spirit of Christ and you are not led by
the Spirit then you do not belong to Jesus Christ. If you have no
desire for the Spirit of Christ and if you are not willing to go and
labor in prayer, seek God with all your heart and be receptive,
responsive, and say Lord please fill me with the Spirit, you will not
receive it; If you are not serious about God then you will not
receive anything from Him. If you do not desire Him; if you are not
hungry, if you are not thirsty, if you're not desperate for the Holy
Spirit, you will receive nothing.
Believers are so full of
themselves, so full of Bible knowledge, so full of their own
opinions, that there is no space for God; there is no space for Jesus
Christ. They are so full of sin and wickedness and worldliness, there
is no space for Jesus, there is no desire for Jesus Christ, but they
think they are going to heaven; they are on the highway to hell; they
are sitting in their church clubs, quoting Bible verses to each other
and proving their salvation while they have no knowledge of God, they
have no power of the Holy Spirit in them because they are sinners. If
you are a child of God you will not sin, you will keep yourself pure
and holy because the Holy Spirit of God does not operate through a
sinner. If the Holy Spirit of God is not flowing through you then you
are not of Christ. If you do not keep that stream flowing then you
will spiritually die, you will go stagnant and you will be cut off
and burned because you will bear no fruit. Is Satan robbing you
because you are busy with other things? You are listening to other
people, you are spending your time with a Bible and you cannot do
what the Bible says, you have no power to obey Christ because you
don't have the Spirit of Christ in you? It is no good just reading
about it. talking about it, quoting Bible verses; if you are not
walking the walk, if you are not filled with the Spirit, following
Jesus Christ and bearing fruit, you are only deceiving yourself.
We need to be filled with
the Holy Spirit. We need to be praying in the Spirit; the Holy Spirit
of God needs to be flowing through us continuously. We need to be led
by the Spirit of God to do the will of God but if you spend your time
on Facebook and YouTube and with the Bible and with other Christians
fellowshipping; when are you going to spend time with God? When
you're going to spend time praying, if you are sitting watching your
television all day and watching TV preachers? When will you have time
to spend with Jesus Christ. You are only deceiving yourself dear
friend. You have no knowledge of God. Get serious about Jesus Christ
before it is too late because if you are not serious about Him and
you do not seek Him with all your heart and if His Spirit is not
working through you, you will perish, you will end up in hell. We
have to deny ourselves, pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ
every day; we have to be led by the Spirit of God. What guides you
and me? Our desires, the church? Are we conformed to the world? Do we
want to be like other people? Are the lusts of the flesh driving us,
the things of the world, our ambitions, our own thoughts, our own
opinion? Or are we led by the Spirit of God? Is Jesus Christ on the
throne of your and my heart or are we just deceiving ourselves? We
need to wake up and go after Jesus, be serious follow Him until the
very end, walk in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit sing in the Spirit,
live in the Spirit because if you are not in the Spirit you are in
the flesh and you will perish.
Do not allow satan to
deprive you of your prize, of eternal, life because if you are not in
Christ and Christ is not in you, you will perish, you will not enter
Hi kingdom. Seek Jesus with all your heart. Obey Him, go after Him
and let His Spirit guide you into all truth.
May Jesus bless you

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