Saturday, August 6, 2016

Most Believers are Deceived Derailed and Destroyed

The first thing that New Testament believers did when they heard the gospel of Jesus Christ was to repent and then immediately to be baptized in water and to seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They were filled with the Holy Spirit and they were guided by the Holy Spirit, they became children of God who were led by the Spirit of God.

The first thing that the Apostle Paul did when He met Jesus  Christ on the Damascus Road was he repented, he was a baptized in water and he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and then he

went away to Arabia for three and a half years where he received revelation from Jesus Christ Himself. He got to know Jesus Christ the Messiah Himself for real.

The first thing that modern-day believers do when they hear

a gospel is they believe they are saved, they join a church they start going to Bible study and they become hypocrites, they have no knowledge of God Very few of them obey Jesus Christ and

are baptized in water. Very few of them hear the true gospel of

Jesus Christ and those who do, are hijacked they are derailed, they are deceived and led astray away from Jesus Christ.

When we meet Jesus Christ we repent immediately we obey Him are baptized in water and we seek His Holy spirit, His in-dwelling in us so that we can know Him, be taught by Him, be disciplined by Him and that we can follow Him and serve Him as our Lord and

Master. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about turning sinners into disciples, children of God who serve God, who follow Jesus Christ in holiness and righteousness and who serve the kingdom

of God. Those are the true children of God. Those are the ones who walk the straight and narrow road who follow Jesus Christ and do not allow themselves to be distracted because they know Jesus Christ is the only way and they follow Him until the very end. Those are the ones who will be saved if they endure with Jesus Christ until the end.

Those are the ones who are not derailed and taken away from the truth, taken away from Jesus Christ. Those are the ones who inherit the kingdom of God. Have you found Jesus Christ and did you follow him through the water of baptism?

Have you received the indwelling Holy Spirit?

Do you hear His voice? Do you listen and do you follow Him every day? Do you serve the kingdom of God?

Do you see the kingdom of God. Is Jesus Christ real to you, or have you been deceived and derailed drawn away from the truth.

If you do not know Jesus Christ and if you do not follow and obey Him you will not enter His kingdom.

There's only one way and that is to follow Jesus Christ His way the way that He commanded, the way that He taught as is also recorded in the Gospels Matthew Mark Luke and John as also the first believers did as is recorded in the book of Acts.

They were led by the Holy Spirit they walked with God.

They followed Jesus Christ until the end.

Are you on the straight and narrow road following Jesus Christ or were you also derailed? Seek Jesus and follow Him His Way and you will have eternal life.

May Jesus bless you.

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