Friday, August 12, 2016

Is Jesus Christ REAL to You?

Many people call themselves Christians but in their heart they still
wonder and doubt whether God is real and whether Jesus Christ is alive.
Many professing Christians were born into Christianity. Their parents
took them to church, they taught them the Bible and they believed on the
basis of what their parents taught them. They believe on the basis of
believing in the Bible but in their heart they still wonder. Sometimes
they doubt.
Unless we have had a real encounter with Jesus Christ and
we've come to know Him for real we will always doubt we will not know
Him for real and our faith will be shaky. It is only when you meet Jesus
Christ and experience the power of the Holy Spirit that you truly
believe. One of those wonderful experiences is the baptism in the Holy
Spirit. Jesus promised the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the indwelling of
the Holy Spirit in those who believe in Him and who repent and are
baptized in water. When the Holy Spirit comes on you, you experience
something like Living Water filling you from your inner man and then it
bubbles out through your mouth, you speak in other tongues, tongues that
you've never learned that you've never heard, tongues that are given by
the Holy Spirit, by which you can praise God, speak to God at any time
it is supernatural. It cannot be taught, it cannot be learned. It comes
from God it is the Spirit of God
that works a miracle in those who
are baptized and filled with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the
Spirit of Christ that comes and indwells mortals. Jesus said that if we
have His words and we obey them, Him and the Father will come and dwell
in us and He will reveal Himself to us; we will get to know Jesus Christ
for real. We will experience Him as the Living God. If you have
received the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the gift of tongues you can
pray in tongues, you can speak to God any moment at any time because He
lives in you, He gives you the words to utter, words that you do not
understand but the Spirit of God who dwells in you guides you, prays
with you and for you and puts you into communion with God. That is the
start of our close communion with God, with Jesus Christ.
apostle Paul wrote in Romans 8 verse 14:"those you are being led by the
Spirit of God they are the children of God." If we do not have the
Spirit of Christ we do not belong to Him. If we have not experienced
Jesus Christ we will always doubt in our minds: Is Jesus real? Is God
real? But once we have received the Holy Spirit we have had an encounter
and we know that God is real, Jesus Christ is alive, we know it without
a doubt because His spirit lives in us. But we as humans quickly forget
about our experiences good and bad, pain and joy, we have to keep that
relationship with Jesus alive.
We have to seek Him more even after we
have received the Holy Spirit and then He will reveal Himself to us
more. We have to bear fruit for the kingdom of God; we have to be led by
the Spirit of God and if we do not work on our relationship with Jesus
then that experience, that reality, becomes faint.  We can get
sidetracked by the things of the world, we can go astray like so many
do. Many have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and then they were
drawn away by the things of the world and the reality of Jesus Christ
became dim in their lives. We have to keep on seeking Jesus, we have to
keep on seeking the guidance of His Holy Spirit, we have to seek the
kingdom of God, seek the will of God, get our focus on Jesus, stay
focused on Him; pray everyday, walk with Jesus every day and our
relationship with Him will become more and more real. Our testimony will
grow because He will show us things that we did not know. We will
experience the miracles that God works in the lives of those who walk
with Him, who follow Him every day, their faith grows as they walk with
the Master. If we do not keep on walking with the Master and following
the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then our relationship with Him
deteriorates and
eventually dies, like has happened to so many who
met Jesus Christ. It is not sufficient just to believe in Jesus based on
what others say, based on what you read in the Bible; you need to be
filled with the Holy Spirit, you need to have your own relationship with
the Living God. He will reveal Himself to you,
you will hear His
voice, He will speak to you. You must trust Him, obey, respond and do
what He tells you to do because if you start doubting Him; if you ignore
Him, if you allow yourself to be drawn away by the things of the world
and by other people, by religion, by your own mind, by your own doubts,
then you will stray from Jesus. Without Jesus we can do nothing. If we
stray from Him and we do not return to Him, walk with Him and follow Him
then we will perish away from Him.
Jesus Christ is alive. He is
real. Seek Him with all your heart. Go after Him. Work on your
relationship with and He will reveal Himself to you as real, alive and
you will get to know Him better every day. Your faith will be based on
your real relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know Jesus Christ for
real or do you believe based on what other people have told you, or what
you've read in the Bible? Get to know Jesus for real.

May Jesus bless you.

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