Wednesday, August 3, 2016

USELESS for the Kingdom of God

Most professing Christians are useless
for the kingdom of God. Jesus Christ
called us for a purpose.
Jesus said "Herein is My Father glorified
that you bear much fruit."
He also said:"I am the true vine and you
are the branches.
Every branch that bears fruit will get
pruned so that it can be more fruit but
the branch that does not bear fruit will
get cut off and burned."
We have to bear fruit but Jesus also said
that if we do not remain in Him
we cannot bear fruit. Without Him we can do
nothing. If we do not remain in Christ
dependent on Him, hearing from Him
following Him and doing His will
according to His guidance then we cannot
bear fruit,
we cannot do what He requires of us. We
must be totally and utterly dependent on
We must be devoted to Him,
receptive and eager to do His will,
seeking Him, waiting on Him, listening,
learning from Him.
Our mind must be on Him so that He can
fill us
with His mind, His thoughts, His
We must not be rebellious but we must
submit ourselves to Jesus trust Him and
learn from Him. He will discipline us, He
will teach us, He will guide us but He
will never force us. If we do not remain
in Him, go after Him and seek Him,
then we cannot bear fruit and then we
are useless for the kingdom of God. We
must remain in Him, in Christ.
Many believers are "in the Word" they are
in the Bible,
nothing wrong with a Bible but we must
be in Christ of the Bible.
Many believers are in church they are in
fellowship, not in Christ, they do not
live for Jesus Christ their mind is not
on Him.
They are not separated, reserved, set
aside for Him.
They are busy with other things, their own
and thoughts, entertainment,
the things of the world, they are useless
for the kingdom of God because they are
not in Christ. Their mind is not with
They are not attentive to the Holy
Spirit and therefore they do not hear
They cannot serve Him, they are not with
Him, they're not following Him they are
useless for the kingdom of God and Jesus
said that every branch in Him,
He is talking about those who were born
every one of those who are born again
and who have received the Holy Spirit
but does not bear fruit, does not listen to
Him obey Him, is not tuned in and set
aside, attentive to Him, such a branch
cannot bear fruit and if they do not
repent they will get cut off and burned.
We have to be useful for the kingdom
of God or else we will get cut off and
We can only be fruitful
if we remain in Jesus Christ, in
relationship with Him. in communion with
Him or else we will get cut off and
How is our relationship with Jesus
Are we in Christ and doing His will? May
Jesus bless you.

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