Tuesday, August 30, 2016

False Prophets

To prophesy is to speak words that you have heard from God. To prophesy is not to speak positive words over other people's lives, like so many do. It is not to preach. To prophesy is to say what you have heard from God.

Many people speak words in the Name of God and they lie; they speak from their own mind. The only way to know if a prophecy is from God is to ask God to confirm to you whether that which the other person has spoken is from Him. Prophecy is not evaluated by the natural man. You cannot evaluate prophecy from your own feelings, your own thoughts and your own mind. Only God can tell you whether those words come from Him.

Prophecy is seldom accepted by men. People do not want the words from God, they reject the words that come from God. They want to hear nice things. Real prophecy brings you into the fear of God, causes people to repent. It wars them, reprimands them. It is not soothsaying. It is the revelation of the mind of God. It is to turn men from their wicked ways, to obedience to God.

God speaks through whom He wishes and that is why the words of God are often rejected; because He speaks through people who are disregarded by those who are religious, those in the churches, those who regard themselves as spiritual and who are accepted by men.  God speaks through whom He wishes. Those with ears will listen and will hear. Those who are humble and who seek the truth will submit themselves to God and He will reveal the truth to them.

Jesus has many prophets that He uses to warn the world, to turn the world to repentance but few are listening. They listen to the false prophets. They go after the false prophets and they will perish if they do not turn to Jesus and hear from Him. He speaks. His sheep listen to His voice and they follow Him.

Whatever you hear, submit it to Jesus, ask Him and He will confirm to you whether it was His words that were spoken.

May Jesus bless you.

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