Monday, March 13, 2017

Better than an earthly father

If we accept Jesus Christ
as our Lord and Master and we obey Him, repent and be baptized in
water, then we are born again, we become children of God and He gives
His Spirit in us to guide and to teach
us. He treats us as
children because we are born again to be children of God. He looks
after us, He cares for us, He disciplines us. He is a better than any
earthly father. He will not leave us neither, will He forsake us.
Even if we stray God will not leave us, He will not forsake us. He
treats us as children. He is better than any earthly father, but we
have to listen, we have to obey Him because He cares for us. He
guides our footsteps. He speaks to us, but very few you care to
Very few born-again
children of God follow after Jesus Christ. They stray, they go away
from Him. They fall into sin. They go after their own mind, they go
after the rest of the world they do not behave as children of God
should behave, but that does not change the faithfulness of God. He
still cares for us, He guides our footsteps, He calls us back to Hi.
He disciplines us, He speaks to us, but if we persist and carry on in
our evil ways, eventually we will perish with the children of
Many born-again children
of God say that God doesn't speak to them. He does. They are not
listening. They are not interested in hearing what He says. Many are
not born, but those who are born again will hear His voice. Those who
are serious about doing the will of God, being pleasing to the
Father, they will seek Him. They will seek His approval, they will
obey His words. Jesus said: "If you love Me, obey My
Commandments, and Me and My father will come and live with you, and I
will reveal Myself to you." But most professing Christians only
want salvation, they don't want Jesus and they don't want God. They
just want the good life, they want to please themselves, but they
don't want to go to hell.
God is better than any
earthly father, but if we keep on turning our back on him if we keep
on disobeying Him, then He will cut us off. Every branch in Christ
Jesus, that does not bear fruit, will get cut off and burned. Even
though you were a child of God, you will end up in hell if you keep
on disobeying Him. Seek and do the will of your father and you will
be pleasing in His sight and you will inherit His kingdom, but if you
disobey Him you will inherit corruption, you will end up in hell,
because God is not mocked. Follow Jesus and obey Him, and your live,
disobey Him and you will perish.
May Jesus bless you.

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