Thursday, March 30, 2017

Faith in Action

Faith without action is
fruitless, it is dead. The Apostle James wrote in James chapter 2
verse 28:"For just as the body without the spirit is dead so
also faith without works is dead." Many people say that they
believe in Jesus Christ, many confess that they have come to faith in
Jesus but there was no action. Nothing happened. If you really
believe in Jesus Christ then there will be action. You will take
action. You will obey Jesus Christ, if you really believe in Jesus
then you will obey His words, you will repent. You will immediately
stop sinning. You will turn away from your senseless existence, from
running after the desires of the flesh. You will stop sinning and you
will stop going after your own desires. You will seek to do the will
of God. You will obey Jesus and you will be baptized in water,
immediately you will start testifying for Jesus Christ, because you
believed in Him and He became a reality to you.
If your faith did not
produce any action, then your faith is dead. If it did not change you
from a sinner into a child of God, then you never believed and then
your faith cannot save you. Then your hope of
salvation is useless,
because faith without works is dead. If you do not take action after
hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ and believing in Him then your
faith was absolutely useless.
Did you change after you
believed in Jesus Christ? Did you take action? Did you clean up your
life? Did you change your ways? Did you go after Jesus? Did you do
everything in your power to get baptized and to be filled with the
Holy Spirit, and do you go after Jesus with all your power? Do you
seek to hear His voice and do you obey Him? Do you follow Him every
day? What action has your faith produced? Is your faith real.
May Jesus bless you.

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