Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Kingdom of God is not WORDS

The kingdom of God is not
just about words. It is not about reading and studying the Bible,
quoting Bible verses and being religious. The kingdom of God is about
living your life in obedience to Jesus Christ, to His words and to
the guidance of His Holy Spirit; in all circumstances, whether things
are going good with you or bad, whether you are in good health or in
bad health, to follow and obey Jesus Christ and to do His will.
That is the kingdom of
God. The kingdom of God is about serving the King, Jesus Christ and
being pleasing to Him, about listening to His voice following Him and
obeying Him and doing His will, whether you are rejected or
persecuted, or whether you are accepted by men, it does not matter .
All that matters to a child of God is to be pleasing to Jesus, to
serve the King and to do His will.
May Jesus bless you.

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