Tuesday, March 21, 2017

You will SUFFER if you follow Jesus

If you follow Jesus
Christ, obey Him and do what is right, you will suffer in this world.
You will suffer persecution, rejection, pain; you will be hated and
despised by all men. Jesus said that in this world you will have
tribulation. Those who follow Jesus Christ must go through much
tribulation, through much testing and trails, and if they stay with
Him, He will give them the power to overcome.
Those who endure with
Jesus until the end will receive the prize of eternal life. If we
stay with Jesus and we endure with Him then we will receive our
reward at the appointed time, but if we withdraw from Jesus, if we
deny Him, if we do it is wrong, then He will have no pleasure in us.
If we deny Him, He will deny us. If we do not continue to follow and
obey Him until the very end, then we are not worthy of Him. We are
called to be light in darkness. We are called to be salt, to be the
preserving agent in a world that is a rotting away. If our light is
darkness then we are darkness. If we are not salt, then we are
worthless. As Jesus said: If the salt has lost its saltiness it is
good for nothing and people throw it on the streets, and they tread
on it, they trample on it.
We must be light and salt,
we must endure with Jesus, go through whatever He puts us through,
wherever He guides us. We must endure suffering and pain and stay
with Jesus until the very end to be worthy of Him and to enter into
His kingdom. Do not grow weary, do not give up. Stay focused on Jesus
do not seek the approval of men, but seek the approval of Jesus,
endure with Him so that you will win the prize of eternal life that
is preserved for those who overcome. Only those who overcome a worthy
of Jesus. Only who overcome will inherit His kingdom and share in his
May Jesus bless you.

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