Friday, March 10, 2017

Confirmation of Salvation

Many Christian believers
claim salvation based on their faith in Jesus and they quote selected
the Bible verses to prove their salvation. Our salvation is not based
only on that which we believe, it is based on our deeds after we have
believed. If we truly believe in Jesus Christ, we must obey His words
and He will give His Holy Spirit in us to guide us into all truth.
The only person that can
tell us whether Jesus is pleased with us and that we are in His will,
is Jesus Christ Himself. He does not leave us in darkness. That is
why He gives His Holy Spirit in us, to teach us and to guide us. The
Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.
Most Christian believers
do not have the Holy Spirit. They just trust in the faith in Jesus,
but they have no relationship with Jesus. Jesus said:"If you
love me, obey my commands." Go after Jesus, repent and be
baptized in water, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and follow the
guidance of the Holy Spirit. Those who are being led by the Spirit of
God, they are the children of God, not those you just believe that
they are saved, but by the deeds they show that they are no different
from the unbelievers.
Many believers think that
they can claim their salvation based on some Bible verses. Many
believers think that on judgment day they will stand before Jesus and
shake the Bible at Him and tell Him that they are saved based on
their faith, but Jesus will say to those people "Go away I never
knew you you workers of wickedness. The only one who can confirm,
whether Jesus Christ is pleased with us and whether we are walking in
these ways, is Jesus Christ Himself. If you do not have that
relationship with Jesus, if you do not hear His voice and if you are
not guided by the Holy Spirit, then you are lost and doomed, you are
on your way to hell. The only one who can tell you is Jesus Christ.
Go on your knees and seek Jesus until He answers you. Nobody else can
give you any assurance of salvation, no Bible verses, no preacher, no
other person, only Jesus Christ the Living God. He is the final judge
and He does speak. Right now we have the opportunity to seek Him with
all our heart and to hear from Him, right now we can work on our
relationship with Him and we must work out our own salvation with
fear and trembling. Seek Jesus while you can, and hear from Him. Do
not trust in anybody else. Hear from Jesus. He speaks and His sheep
hear His voice.
May Jesus bless you.

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