Tuesday, March 7, 2017

You MUST Connect With Jesus Christ

Most people wrongly think
that they only need to believe in Jesus Christ to have salvation. We
need to connect with Jesus and stay connected to Him, stay with Him,
follow Him, and obey Him, until the very end. We connect with Jesus
through prayer. If you believe in Jesus Christ after hearing the
gospel, you must connect with Jesus. You connect with Jesus by
humbling yourself, going on your knees and pray, crying out to Him,
repenting, asking Him to forgive your sins and to make you new, to
make you a child of God so that you can be born again and enter the
kingdom of heaven.
We need to connect with
Jesus. Jesus Christ is alive, and He reveals Himself as a real to
those who seek Him. If we obey His words, we repent ,and cry out to
Him, and we are baptized in water, He will give His Spirit in us to
teach us and to guide us. If you bow down before Jesus and you pray,
believing that He hears, and He answers your prayers, you will
connect with Jesus. Many believers will stand before Jesus and He
will say to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of
wickedness." Those believers never connected with Jesus. They
were just doing religion. They were just believing in Jesus, but they
never got to know Jesus. If we obey Him and we seek Him, He will
reveal Himself to us. His sheep hear His voice and they listen, and
they follow Him. You have you connected to Jesus.
Have you found Jesus? Has
He become real to you? Are you following and obeying Jesus Christ
every day? Jesus Christ is the Living God and He must live in you and
in me in order for us to have LIFE.
May Jesus bless you.

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