Saturday, March 11, 2017

One on One with Jesus Christ

There are some people who
claim to have one-on-one discussions with Jesus Christ, and there are
some people that expect to be able to sit down and have a discussion
with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is God. He is Lord, and He does not
allow anybody to become familiar with Him. Jesus will speak to us,
if, and when, and how, He pleases. We are His servants and we have to
wait on Him. If we commit to follow Jesus Christ and we obey His
words, if we repent and be baptized in water and we dedicate our
lives to Him, we seek Him with all our heart, He will give His Holy
Spirit in us, and He will speak to us. He will guide us, when, and
how, He wishes, for His purpose.
Jesus speaks in many ways.
Jesus might speak to you in a voice. Not a voice that is audible to
other people, but you will hear it loud and clear. Many years ago,
one night I woke up and I heard these words:"Go into all the
world and make disciples of all nations. Go to whom I sent you, and
take his hand and put his hand in My hand and I will guide him."
I heard that loud and clear. Nobody else could hear it. Jesus also
speaks in dreams. He will direct us when we asked Him for guidance.
Sometimes He will tell us things that we do not know. Sometimes Heu
will give us knowledge wisdom and understanding. It will be like the
light goes on, and immediately you know the truth, because He
implants His mind, His knowledge in you. But Jesus does not allow
Himself to be consulted by people, where you go and sit and talk to
Him. If you ask Him, and you trust Him, you pray and wait on Him, He
will answer you in His own way. He might answer straight away, or He
might answer a few days later, whenever it pleases Him. He is God. We
are here to serve Him. If we seek Him with all our heart and we go
after Him, He will reveal Himself to in a real and mighty way. But
very few people go after Jesus.
You have to work out your
own relationship with Jesus Christ. You cannot follow after other
people, but if you are real with Jesus He will be real to you. He
will reveal Himself to you, but He will never allow you to become
familiar with Him because He is God. He will tell you whatever He
wants to tell you, not always what you want to know, because what is
important to you might not be important to Him. We have to set our
mind on Jesus and on doing His will, and if we seek Him with all our
heart, He will guide us, He will teach us in His ways, according to
His will and His plan. Jesus Christ is Lord. Serve Him as Lord and
Master and He will guide you, He will teach you. He will reveal
Himself to you and you will not be in darkness because you will be
one of His sheep. His sheep hear His voice, they listen and they
follow Him.
Are you one of His sheep?
Do you want to hear His voice? Do you want to follow Him? Then get
serious, obey His words: Repent and be baptized, be filled with the
Holy Spirit, live holy and righteous. Seek His will and He will guide
you every step of the way.
May Jesus bless you.

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