Thursday, March 9, 2017

Seek fellowship with Jesus not with other believers

The true believers, the
true followers of Jesus Christ, walk with Him, and follow Him every
day. They are guided by the Holy Spirit and they seek to please Him.
Believers have been taught to go to fellowship, to go to church, to
look for other believers. Jesus never commanded us to look for other
believers. He commands us to follow Him to be in His fellowship, and
to bring other people into fellowship with Him. If we love Jesus and
we follow Him and we come across another follower of Jesus Christ, we
immediately have one thing in common, and that is our relationship
with Jesus.
Our fellowship then is
with Jesus Christ. We pray together and we share our testimonies. We
encourage each other in our walk with Jesus Christ. To follow Jesus
Christ is not about going to church and having Christian friends with
whom you can watch TV and share the pleasures of the world. When true
followers of Jesus come together, they share Jesus Christ. Churches
our social clubs, where deceived believers come together. They have
no relationship with Jesus Christ. Neither do they encourage each
other in their walk with Jesus, because they have no walk with Jesus.
If we follow Jesus Christ,
then our only desire is to be pleasing to Him and to bring others to
Him. Jesus never commanded us to follow other believers, to seek out
other believers and to spend time with other believers. He commanded
us to follow Him, to be in His fellowship. If we seek the fellowship
of other people and if we seek the leadership of Christian leaders,
then we still have not found Jesus Christ, then Jesus is not our
Lord. We must seek His fellowship, His guidance. Go and spend time on
your knees in prayer with Jesus. Pray to Him, speak to Him from your
heart. He is God. He will answer you. If you have no relationship
with Jesus then you are not His, then you do not belong to Him,
neither to the kingdom of God.
Many believers follow
after each other. They have been taught that way, but they have no
relationship with Jesus, they are lost and they will and up in hell
if they do not wake up and seek Jesus, seek His fellowship and follow
Him every day, and are guided by His Spirit. Those who are being led
by the Spirit of God, they are the children of God, they live in
fellowship with Jesus Christ and they do what is pleasing to Him.
They do not seek the fellowship of other believers. Their fellowship
is with Jesus Christ the Lord.
May Jesus bless you.

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