Monday, March 6, 2017


Jesus Christ said that you
must be born again to enter the kingdom of heaven. Not all believers
are born again and not all those who have been born again will enter
into the kingdom of heaven. If you hear the gospel of Jesus Christ
and you believe and you go on your knees before Jesus, you humble
yourself before Him and you pray from your heart, you accept Him into
your life as your Lord and Master, then you will be born again. You
will have an experience with Jesus Christ where you will know that He
is real and that He has accepted you, and that He has forgiven your
sins, you are born again, you have the made a child of God. You will
experience Jesus Christ as Lord, but it does not stop there.
Many people are born again
and they receive Jesus Christ but then they turn away from Him, they
do not follow Him. Once you have been born again you will forever be
a child of God, but it does not mean that you are an obedient child
of God. Only the obedient children of God are pleasing to Him. If you
have been born again and become a child of God, then God treats you
as a child. Then His Holy Spirit will immediately convict you of all
sin, but you have to obey Him. You have to turn away from that sin,
and you have to seek to please Jesus. You must listen to the voice of
the Holy Spirit in you. If you refuse to obey, if you ignore Him, He
will discipline you. Many born-again children of God are back-slidden
and they are under the chastisement of the Holy Spirit.It is because
God cares for you, He treats you as His child, but you have to
respond and you have to obey Him. If you disobey Him you will perish.
The discipline and the correction of God is for His own children, not
for the world. He disciplines His own children. That is why those who
were born again and who backslide are always under conviction. They
are always under conviction whenever they do wrong. They know that
God is not pleased with them. Many do not have the confidence to go
back to God, but it is the only way to have life. You have to repent
and go back to Jesus.
Many believers are
professing sinners .They say we are all sinners. They have never been
born again. If you have met Jesus Christ and you are born again child
of God, you will immediately be convicted when you even think wrong,
when you do wrong, because the Spirit of God will convict you, the
Holy Spirit that He gave to be with you.
The Holy Spirit will not
leave you but if you keep on disobeying Him, you will perish in the
end. The difference between a common believer and a person that has
been born again, is that a born-again child of God lives under
conviction. Many of them have seared their consciences. They have
ignored the Holy Spirit so much that their hearts have been hardened.
There is hope for every soul that wishes to repent. Do not let
anything stop you from going back to Jesus. the door is open. Jesus
never turns His back on His own. It is not the will of God that
anyone perish, but that all repent and have life.
Jesus loves you and cares
for you and He never changes. He never leaves you, He never forsakes
you but if you keep on disobeying Him, disregarding Him then you will
perish in the end. If you were never born again, go on your knees and
ask Jesus to make you new inside to make your child of God and then
obey Him; be baptized in water, seek Him more and more, seek His
indwelling Holy Spirit, listen to Him, obey Him. Follow Him and He
will teach and guide you. If you are born again and you are
backslidden, run back to Jesus. Repent from your heart and seek Him
with all your heart. The way back will not be easy but it is the only
way. Remember, the chastisement of God is for His children. He cares
for us, He disciplines us. He chastises us and we learn through what
what we suffer. God does not give up on us but He does not treat us
with kid gloves. God often treats as harshly, He disciplines us
harshly so that we can learn not to stray, that we can learn to obey
Him so that we can be fruitful for His kingdom. He prunes every
branch that bears fruit, and that pruning is not pleasant, but it is
needed for us to bear more fruit, because if we do not bear fruit, we
will get cut off and burned, and we can only bear fruit if we remain
in Christ, if we are led by the Holy Spirit.
We cannot follow Jesus
Christ by trusting in our own mind and our own interpretation of the
Bible. We need to be led by the Holy Spirit. We need to be close to
Jesus, in close relationship with Him as children of God, and He will
guide us. He will teach us and we must obey Him, then we will bear
fruit for His kingdom, we will be pleasing to Him. You have to be
born again to enter kingdom of God, and you have to obey Jesus
Christ, and follow Him until the very end to be saved. Nobody is
finally saved until the very end. We must endure with Jesus until the
May Jesus bless you.

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