Saturday, March 4, 2017

Just Pray

There are some problems in life that are too difficult for us to handle. There are circumstances
that we cannot change, but with Jesus nothing is impossible. It is
when we encounter these insurmountable obstacles that we need to
pray, and trust Jesus. Jesus said that we must not be like the
hypocrites who say long prayers in public to be seen by men, but we
must go into our room, close the door and pray in secret, and our
Father who hears in secret will repay us in public.
It is when we pray and
trust Jesus and He answers our prayers that He becomes real to us,
that we get to know Him for real. All we need to do is go on our
knees and pray, speak to Jesus. Speak to Jesus about your problem,
about the family member that does not know Him, about the
circumstance that you cannot change, and Jesus Christ will answer
your prayer.
Trust Him, wait and see
how Jesus Christ rewards you in public. Just pray and trust Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.

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