Wednesday, March 15, 2017

No free ride into heaven

Most Christian believers
will end up in hell. They will not find the entry to heaven because
they are not following Jesus Christ, they do not know Jesus.
Jesus Christ is the way
and the truth and the life. The only way that we will enter heaven,
is if we follow and obey Jesus. You cannot have a free ride into
heaven. You have to walk, you have to deny yourself, and pick up your
cross, follow Jesus Christ every day. You have to repent, turn away
from sin, turn away from a going after your own desires, going your
own way, and you have to follow
after Jesus, or else you
will not find the entrance to heaven.
You have to obey Jesus
Christ, repent and be baptized in water, seek Jesus with all your
heart and He will give His Holy Spirit in you. He will come and dwell
in you, and He will guide you every step of the way, but you have to
stay with Him. If you do not follow Jesus, and if you do not obey
Him, and do not stay with Him until the very end, you will end up in
hell. Jesus Christ is the only one who can show you the way, but you
have to follow Him. Just believing in Jesus, cannot save you, if you
do not follow Him. If you believe that Jesus Christ is Lord, and that
He is the WAY, then you have to follow Him and you have to obey Him.
You have to walk with him every step of the way as He guides you, or
else you will not find the narrow door into the kingdom of heaven.
Strait is the gate and
narrow is the door, and few there be that find it. Jesus said:"Strive
hard to enter the strait gate, because many will try and will not be
able." We will only make it if we follow Jesus Christ every day
until the very end. Do you know Jesus and are you following Him? You
must endure until the end with Jesus, to have eternal life.
May Jesus bless you.

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