Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Persecuted Church

The real church, the true
church, the body of Christ, has always been persecuted and is still
being persecuted. The false churches of this world coexist they are
not a threat to each other, but they persecute the true church, those
who truly follow Jesus Christ.
When I was young I was
brought up in a true church. It was a Pentecostal church, but people
hated us, they persecuted us. Even at school you were ridiculed, you
were mocked. You could not find a job because if you did not belong
to one of the established churches, if you were not a Catholic or a
Calvinist or a Presbyterian or any of those dead churches, then you
could not find a job then you were not accepted in society. Life was
difficult. They threw stones on the roof of the church while we had
services. They released pigeons into the church, they mocked the Holy
Spirit. They mocked us because we believed in the Holy Spirit and we
spoke in tongues. But in that church people were changed. The true
gospel was preached. People came to repentance, they cried before the
Lord and their lives were changed. They were baptized in water, they
were baptized in the Holy Spirit and they became born again, true
children of God.
But then gradually with
time the church changed. It became conformed to the world. It became
like the fake churches, the false churches that have established
themselves in this world, and then the persecution stopped because
that church was also a fake church. The Pentecostal churches have
become just like the others in some cases they have become worse
because they have turned away from Jesus, and they've become
conformed to the world.
If you belong to the true
body of Christ, the true church, you will be persecuted. If the
church that you attend preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ then that
church will be persecuted. They will want to drive you out of town.
If Jesus is in you the world will hate you. They will do anything and
everything to get rid of you. There are not many true churches around
anymore. The true followers of Jesus Christ have been driven out, the
true body of Christ functions outside of the organized church,
because the true followers of Jesus Christ, the body of Christ, now
function under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If your church is not
being persecuted, mocked, ridiculed, driven out of town, then it is a
false church. Then it is not the true church of Jesus Christ.
If you are not being
persecuted and hated because you love and follow and obey Jesus
Christ then you are not a true follower of Jesus Christ, because then
you are not part of the true church, the body of Christ, the
persecuted church. Are you part of the Persecuted Church? Are you
part of the body of Christ and are you being persecuted because of
Jesus Christ. Jesus said:"You will be hated by all men because
of Me." If this world loves you and accepts you then you are of
the world then you are not of Jesus Christ. Do you belong to the
persecuted Church of Jesus Christ or do you belong to the world, does
satan own you?
May Jesus bless you.

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