Saturday, April 1, 2017

Beware of the Seminarizers

The world is full of
colleges and universities that produce graduates that are useless and
incompetent. The churches have followed the world. They have Bible
schools and they recruit people for the seminaries, people that come
out of Bible school with a useless certificate. A degree in divinity
does not qualify you for the kingdom of God. It makes you utterly
useless, because those graduates have been brainwashed. They are full
of useless knowledge. They have no knowledge of God.
Do not be enticed to go to
Bible School because you will come out of the a hypocrite, useless
for the kingdom of God. Do not fall into the trap of going to a Bible
school and then think that you have some credibility in the kingdom
of God, you have none. You only have credibility with Jesus if you
follow Him as a disciple and if you are led by the Holy Spirit.
Jesus never commanded His
followers to go to seminary, or to Bible school, or to Bible study.
He said:"Come here, follow Me." He gives His Holy Spirit in
them to guide them and to teach them. The only teacher that you need
is the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ Himself dwelling in you. Jesus will
teach you everything that you need to know and He will guide you into
fruitfulness, if you submit yourself to Him, trust Him and follow
Him. Without Jesus Christ we can do nothing. Bible school education
and qualifications are utterly useless for the kingdom of God. Follow
and obey Jesus Christ and He will be pleased with you.
May Jesus bless you.

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