Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jesus is Speaking. Are you LISTENING?

Jesus Christ is the good Shepherd and He takes good care of all His sheep, of all those who believe in Him and who have accepted Him.

It is not His will that any of His sheep perish but that they all learn obedience and that they walk in His ways. If they stray or they do wrong, then He speaks to them, and if they do not listen then He speak louder. He often speaks through pain and suffering and when His sheep do not listen, then the pain and the suffering becomes worse, because Jesus cares for them and He wants to turn them from their wicked ways, to walk in His ways, so that they can bear good fruit and not be cut off and burned.

Many of His sheep do not listen and they are severely chastised, and when they keep on persisting in their evil ways they will get cut off. Like Jesus said that every branch in Him that not bear fruit will get cut off and burned, but He speaks first. He warns and He draws them back to Him but if they persist in their evil ways they will perish.

Jesus speaks to each and every one of His sheep. Jesus might be speaking to you now, through pain, suffering, through your circumstances, He is drawing you back to Him. Do you hear His voice? Will you respond, or will you persist in your evil ways and get cut off and burned?

The Spirit of God will not strive with man for ever. We must listen, turn back to Jesus. We have to bear good fruit to bring glory to Him and be suitable for His kingdom.

Jesus is speaking. Are we listening?

May Jesus bless you.

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