Friday, April 7, 2017

You cannot bypass Jesus Christ

You cannot bypass Jesus
Christ and get into heaven. Jesus Christ is the only way. The only
way to have salvation and enter into the kingdom of heaven is to know
obey and follow Jesus Christ. You cannot be saved by just believing
in Jesus Christ. You have to obey Him and follow Him if you believe
in Him. If you believe in Him but you do not obey Him then your faith
cannot save you.
Most believers have no
relationship with Jesus Christ. They just believe in Him but they do
not know Him and they do not follow Him. Many do not pray to Jesus,
they say they pray to God. They try to bypass Jesus. Others want
other people to pray for them. You have to speak to Jesus yourself
because if Jesus does not know you and you do not know Him, then the
day that you die He will say to you:"Go away I never knew you."
There's only one way to enter into the kingdom of heaven and that is
Jesus Christ. He is the way and the truth and the life and it is no
other. There is only one gospel that saves and that is the words of
Jesus Christ, that which he spoke as it is also recorded in Matthew,
Mark, Luke, and John. No other words can save you. Believers quote
Paul and Peter and the other writers of the books in the Bible. Those
are not the words of salvation. The words of salvation are the words
that Jesus spoke, His commandments. Those who disobey and disregard
Him will perish.
If you need wisdom you
need to ask Jesus. It is no good asking anybody else their opinion.
It is no good asking anybody to pray for you, to speak to God for
you. Nobody can speak to Jesus for you. You need to work out your own
relationship with Jesus for yourself. Go on your knees and pray, seek
Him, obey His words. Repent and be baptized as He commanded, and ask
Him to come and dwell in you, His Spirit, the Holy Spirit in you, to
teach and guide you. If you do not want Jesus, if you do not want his
spirit you're not interested in Him, and you will not have eternal
life, you will not have salvation.
You cannot bypass Jesus
Christ. Jesus Christ is the way. Nobody else can walk with Jesus for
you. You have to follow Him, you have to go after Him. You have to
work out your relationship with Jesus Christ. Do you know Jesus? Do
you follow and obey Him. Seek Jesus and get to know Him while you
can. His sheep hear His voice and they follow Him. Are you one of
His sheep? Do you hear His voice and do you follow Him every day.
May Jesus bless you.

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