Monday, April 10, 2017

Bible Study - Waste of Time?

The Bible is a wonderful
set of scriptures. It leads us to salvation, eternal life, through
obedience to Jesus Christ, IF we do what the Bible tells us to do.
But many people just study the Bible, and they think that by studying
the Bible they will have eternal life. If we do not intend doing what
the Bible tells us to do, then Bible study is a waste of time.
This is what Jesus said to
the Pharisees, the Bible students of the time. He said:"You
diligently searched the scriptures, in there to find eternal life,
but you refuse to come to me to have life." Eternal life is
through faith and obedience to Jesus Christ, the gospel of Jesus
Christ His words as recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If we
do not follow and obey Jesus Christ, then we will not have salvation.
You can believe in Jesus for salvation, but if you do not obey Him,
you will perish. Many believers think that studying the Bible and
quoting Bible verses can assure them salvation. Salvation is in the
Person, Jesus Christ, knowing and following Him. If you are not
studying the Bible to learn the words of Jesus so that you can know
His ways and His commandments, and obey Him, then you're wasting your
time, because it is only through our relationship and obedience to
Jesus Christ that we will have eternal life. Jesus said that if we
obey His commands, His words, He will reveal Himself to us. We will
get to know Him for real. He will give His Spirit in us to teach and
guide us. We will become born again, we will be His sheep, who hear
His voice and who follow Him. We will not seek to know the Scriptures
better, we will seek to hear from Jesus. His sheep hear His voice and
they follow Him. You can study the Bible all you wish, it will not
bring you salvation. You need to know Jesus and follow and obey Him,
stay with Him until the very end, or else He will say to you: "Go
away, I never knew you. Do you know Jesus Christ or do you just know
the Bible?
May Jesus bless you.

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