Friday, April 14, 2017

Spiritual Perspective

The gospel of Jesus Christ
does not make sense to the unbeliever. Many people say they believe
in Jesus but they do not follow nor obey Him. They do not obey His
words. The words of Jesus are scary. They do not make sense because
Jesus tells us not to defend ourselves but to turn the other cheek,
and then people say: What if somebody attacks you, or your wife, or
your family? Will you just stand by? If you truly follow Jesus
Christ, He will guide you in and through that situation. He will be
with you, but if you don't trust Him and you look for excuses not to
obey Him, then you will not see the power of God working in your
Jesus says: "Deny
yourself pick up your cross and come here follow Me." If you
follow Jesus and if you obey His words then you will gain
understanding, but most believers will never have any spiritual
perspective, spiritual understanding, because they do not trust nor
follow Jesus Christ. They just believe in Jesus and they quote some
Bible verses to prove their salvation, but they have no relationship
with Jesus Christ. They say that his gospel is not practical, it is
not practical to do what Jesus commands and therefore most professing
believers do not really follow Him. They are not believers. They
believe something else, they believe an ideology. They do not believe
in Jesus and they do not trust Him. They do not obey Him. When you
tell believers that we must be led by the Holy Spirit and not trust
in our own understanding, not trust in our own interpretation of the
Bible, then they call it heresy, because they do not know Jesus. They
do not trust Him. They trust in their understanding of the
scriptures and therefore
they will never gain spiritual perspective, they will never really
get to know Jesus Christ, because they never really believed.
If you truly believe in
Jesus Christ you must obey Him. You must obey His words, the gospel
of Jesus Christ as also recorded in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. You
have to do what he commanded and then you will gain spiritual
perspective. You will see how the hand of God moves. Jesus Christ
will guide you and He will teach you and He will answer your prayers,
in His way and in His time. He will give you understanding, in His
way, not the way that you think. He will not answer the things that
you want to know in the way that you ask them, because His thoughts
are higher than our thoughts, His ways are higher than our ways. We
cannot bring God down to our level, and we will not go up to his
level if we do not trust and obey Him, because it is only when we
trust in Jesus and we obey what He says that we gain spiritual
perspective, spiritual understanding. It is only then that we truly
get to know Jesus Christ and that we understand the kingdom of God,
the will of God and that we truly get to know His ways.
Are you learning from
Jesus Christ or do you trust in your own understanding? Do you doubt
Jesus or do you obey the gospel of Jesus Christ? Are you gaining
spiritual perception through your walk with Jesus Christ.
May Jesus bless you.

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