Monday, April 17, 2017


Jesus Christ demands your
undivided attention and obedience to Him and to His words. You cannot
follow Jesus Christ at a distance. You cannot follow Him when and how
you feel like doing. You have to follow Jesus Christ closely, listen
to His voice, respond to His call and do what He tells you to do.
Most Christian believers
have never found Jesus they do not know Him. There is a lie that is
being preached in this world and that is a salvation through faith in
Jesus without obeying Jesus. Jesus Christ saves those who believe in
Him and then who abandon everything and follow Him, those who obey
Him and who do His, will those who follow him closely. We cannot
serve Him and we cannot bear fruit for His kingdom if we do not
remain in Him, if we do not stay close to Him and follow Him every
day. Have you met Jesus Christ and are you living in close obedience
to Him?
Does Jesus Christ have
your attention or are you living your life for your own pleasure and
your own leisure. Jesus Christ requires of us, to deny ourself pick
up our cross every day and come here follow Him until the very end,
with undivided attention.
May Jesus bless you.

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