Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Foolish Christians

The world is full of
foolish Christian believers, people who know the truth but they do
not obey the truth. Many were born again and they were baptized in
water, even baptized in the Holy Spirit, but they are backslidden and
they are not following Jesus Christ.
Some of them are hoping
for a deathbed repentance. They think that they can live their lives
to please themselves and then right at the end they want to come
back to Jesus. They might not get that chance. We do not know when we
will die. It can be any moment. Jesus said that we must always be
ready. Others think that they can fool God. They think that they can
live in sin and just ask forgiveness every night and then tomorrow
they go back to the same sin. They do not obey Jesus Christ, they
have never really repented. They know the truth but they do not obey
the truth. Most Christian believers do not follow nor obey Jesus
Christ. They play religion. Many think that as long as they read
their Bible and pray every night they will enter into heaven. Many
think that that once saved is always saved. Jesus saves us from sin
but if we go back to sin then we are lost in our sins again. If we do
not go after Jesus and follow and obey Him every day then we will not
enter His Kingdom.
Most Christian believers
are utterly foolish. They think that they can play religious games
with God. They I think that they can quote Bible verses to prove
their salvation, but they have no relationship with Jesus. They think
that they can believe in Jesus for salvation but they need not have
anything to do with Him. Jesus Christ is the way and the truth and
the life and He is the door. He is the only one who will decide who
will go into heaven and who not. Jesus will say to many who once
believed and who once maybe followed Him, He will say to them:"Go
away, I never knew you, you workers of wickedness." Many of them
will be preachers, people that are highly regarded by the religious
community, but Jesus will deny them because they have denied Jesus.
They are foolish believers.
All that matters to Jesus
is our love for Him, and we prove our love through our dedication and
our obedience to Him. Jesus said that those who endure with Him until
the end, they will be saved. We are not saved yet, we have to walk
with Jesus every day. We have to follow and obey Him, we have to
listen to His voice and do His will. If we do not have a real
relationship with Jesus Christ we will not enter His kingdom. If we
disobey the gospel of Jesus Christ, His words, His commands, the
voice of His Holy Spirit, then He will turn us away, then we are not
worthy of Him and of His kingdom. This world is full of foolish
Christians. They think that they have salvation, but they do not
love, now, nor follow Jesus Christ. They will end up in hell.
Are you following Jesus
Christ every day? Do you obey Him and do you live for Him and His
Kingdom or are you also a foolish Christian? Repent while you can.
Today might be your last day. You might not get another chance to get
back to Jesus.
May Jesus bless you.

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