Wednesday, April 5, 2017

This Generation of ENTITLED Christians will PERISH

This generation of foolish
entitled Christian believers will all perish if they do not wake up
to the truth. Most Christians believe that they have certain rights
based on their faith in Jesus. They have been told that if they
believe in Jesus for salvation then they are saved. That is a lie.
A follower of Jesus Christ
has no rights. You have to repent of your rights and of your
entitlement, to follow Jesus Christ and to enter into the kingdom of
heaven. You do not deserve to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus
Christ did not pay the price for your salvation so that you can
continue living in sin and then enter into His kingdom. Jesus Christ
will not hand you the kingdom of heaven on a plate. If we want
eternal life we have to follow and obey Jesus Christ, we have to deny
ourselves pick up our cross and follow Him every day. Entitled
Christian believers claim their rights based on certain Bible verses.
You have no rights. A child of God has no rights, he is a servant of
the kingdom of God. If we are not willing to lay down our lives our
rights our entitlement for the kingdom of God then we are not worthy
of Jesus Christ. If we are not willing to give up everything for Him
and follow Him and obey Him, we will perish.
Most Christian believers
cannot even stop sinning, they don't want to stop sinning because
they believe that they are entitled to the kingdom of heaven. They
are deceived. Jesus Christ said that those who endure with Him until
the end, they will be saved. That is why there are no more disciples.
There are no more true followers of Jesus Christ because Christians
believe that they are entitled to the privileges of the kingdom of
God but they are not even born again. They do not even obey nor
follow Jesus Christ. If they do not wake up to the truth and repent
of their selfish entitlement, and a foolish ways, their sins, and
their love for the pleasures of the flesh, and if they do not submit
themselves to Jesus, follow
and obey Him and serve
Him, according to His will, where He guides them, if they do not do
what He tells them to do, then they will not enter the kingdom of
heaven. They will not get to know Him and Jesus will say to them:"Go
away I never knew you, you were not willing to walk with Me. You were
not willing to work for My kingdom, you were not willing to follow
nor obey Me. Go away."
Are you an entitled
selfish deceived and foolish believer or have you woken up to the
truth, that only disciples will enter the kingdom of heaven. Go and
read the words of Jesus, the gospel of Jesus Christ, as recorded in
Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, and see how you compare. Those words
are the requirement to enter the kingdom of heaven. Straight is the
gate and narrow is the door, and few there be that find it. Entitled
Christian believers are not worthy of the kingdom of God, they and
will not enter. That is why this generation of Christian believers
are bound for hell. They do not understand that to be a disciple of
Jesus Christ and a child of God means to deny yourself, pick up your
cross and follow Jesus, repent and be baptized, be filled with the
Holy Spirit, and then be led by the Holy Spirit, where Jesus guides
you; not what you want to do. You are not entitled to anything. If
you do not repent, you will perish.
There's only one way to
enter the kingdom of heaven and that is give up all your rights to
yourself, your opinion, your entitlement, and submit to Jesus Christ,
follow and obey Him. Live your life for Him. Strive hard to enter the
narrow door or else you will not enter His kingdom. Wake up and
follow Jesus Christ before it is forever too late. May Jesus bless

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