Saturday, April 8, 2017

Total Commitment

Jesus Christ was totally
committed to do the will of the Father to complete the task for which
He was sent, and He paid the ultimate price. He drank the cup of the
wrath of God down to the last drop, and then when he died on that
cross He said:"It is done." He had completed His mission.
He did everything that the Father required of Him. Jesus Christ came
to show us the way, how we should serve follow Him, and therefore if
we want eternal life, Jesus says:"Whoever wishes to come after
Me must deny himself, pick up his cross and come here every day and
follow Me.
There is no other way to
have salvation, but to totally commit to Jesus Christ, and to
absolutely obey every command that He gave, every word that He spoke,
His words as recorded in the gospel, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Those are the words of eternal life. Jesus requires of us to repent,
to turn away from sin, to turn away from going after our own desires
and to follow after Him; to absolutely, perfectly obey Him, to be
baptized in water, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to seek the
guidance of the Holy Spirit, and to obey Him. We have to follow Jesus
under guidance of His Holy Spirit until the very end, every day of
our lives. That is the only way that we have the hope of salvation.
The gospel that is being preached in churches in this world, that you
only need to believe in Jesus for salvation, that is a lie. That is
deception. Jesus Christ requires total commitment as He was totally
committed to do the will of the Father. If we want to follow Jesus
and have eternal life we have to be totally committed to Him, to go
after Him, to obey His words, to know Him for real, to be led by the
Holy Spirit.
Jesus said that if we deny
Him before this wicked generation, He will certainly deny us. If we
are not willing to associate with Jesus and to obey Him, to turn our
back on ourselves and on the world the things of the world; if we're
not willing to treasure Jesus and His approval above everything else,
then we are not worthy of Him and we will not enter His kingdom,
because He requires total commitment. Jesus warned that many will try
hard and not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus requires
perfection, total commitment and obedience to Him, to His words. We
have to die to ourselves and live for Him to be worthy to enter His
There is no other way,
there is no easy way to enter the kingdom of heaven. Jesus Christ
requires total commitment and obedience to Him. That is the price of
eternal life. Jesus paid the price, the ultimate price, for our
salvation, but we will also have to pay a price; we have to give up
everything and totally commit to Jesus to follow and obey Him until
the very end, to be able to win that prize of eternal life. Are we
totally committed to follow and obey Jesus Christ until the very end?
May Jesus bless you.

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