Thursday, April 6, 2017

True Followers and Foolish Believers

There are two types of
Christian believers in this world. There are the true followers of
Jesus and there are the foolish believers. Most professing Christians
are just foolish believers. They believe in Jesus Christ for
salvation but they do not follow nor do they obey Him. Jesus Christ
commanded that those who want eternal life must follow Him. They must
repent, turn away from sin, and from going after their own desires,
and they must obey Him. They must go after Him. He is the way and the
truth and the life, and if we follow Him He will guide us into all
truth, He will guide us through the narrow gate into the kingdom of
heaven. But if we refuse to follow Jesus, then we will not enter the
kingdom of heaven.
Most Christians are just
foolish believers. They believe that they have salvation but they do
not know nor do they follow and obey Jesus Christ. They just believe
that they are saved based on Bible verses and on what other people
have told them, but they have no relationship with Jesus Christ. They
will be terribly disappointed when they stand before Jesus and He
says to them:"Go away I never knew you, you workers of
The true believers of
Jesus Christ follow Him every day, they were the ones who wrote the
old gospel songs like: "Follow, I will follow Thee my Lord,
every passing day" and also "I'm following Jesus, each step
of the way." Dear friend, are you a true follower of Jesus
Christ. Have you repented of sin and of your own ways and have you
been baptized? Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit and do you
follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit every day? Do you go after
Jesus Christ? Or are you just a foolish believer that believes that
you are saved and that you can carry on in sin, live your life to
please yourself and just wait for the rapture, wait for Jesus to come
and pick you up because you believe in Him?
Those are the foolish
ones, who will be disappointed, who will end up in damnation with the
children of disobedience. If we do not follow and obey Jesus Christ
every day if, we do not truly know Him, and listen to His voice, then
we are not of Him and we will not have eternal life. we will not
enter His kingdom. Do not be deceived, there is only one way to have
life eternal life, that is to know follow and obey Jesus Christ and
stay with Him until the very end. How real is your relationship with
the Living God, Jesus Christ?
May Jesus bless you.

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