Thursday, April 13, 2017

Perfected Through SUFFERING

Jesus Christ came into
this world with one purpose and that was to come and suffer, to
become the sacrifice for the salvation of many. Jesus was a man of
sorrows, acquainted with pain and suffering. It pleased the Father to
perfect Him through suffering. Even though He was the Son of God, He
learned through what He suffered.
Jesus Christ calls us to
follow Him, not to have a good time but to suffer. He said that if we
wish to follow Him and have life we have to deny ourselves pick up
our cross and follow Him every day. To bear a cross means to suffer.
You have to pick up the cross of Jesus Christ, His discipline, every
day, and follow Him. And His discipline will be severe because He
wants to work perfection in us. We will go through pain and
suffering, rejection, persecution, just like He did, if we follow
Him. We might even have to die for Jesus, but if we do not suffer
pain rejection, the discipline of the Master, then we will not be
perfected. Diamonds are formed through severe pressure and heat.
Silver is extracted through heat, through the fire, through the
furnace, until the dross is burned off and skimmed off the top. If we
follow Jesus Christ we have to submit to His discipline and endure
the pain, the refining fires that will change us into His likeness.
Those who have suffered
according to the flesh have ceased with sinning, they are not
concerned with the things of the world anymore because they have
suffered for the kingdom of God. Are you going through the refining
fires of God? Are you bearing you cross? Are you being changed into
his likeness or have you not submitted yourself to Jesus Christ?
There is no easy way to enter into the kingdom of heaven. There's no
easy way of being changed into His likeness, to be like Jesus, to be
perfected, other than being perfected through suffering.
Submit yourself to Jesus,
endure the suffering and the pain, because if you stay with Him, He
will change you and in the end you will be like Him.
May Jesus bless you.

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