Sunday, July 27, 2014

Certified but NOT QUALIFIED

Many people wear the badge but they cannot do the job. Many people are certified for certain occupations but they are not qualified because they never practically practiced for the qualification, they never proved themselves as qualified.
So there are many Christians who are certified, who wear the badge but they never walked with Jesus. They read the books, the testimonies of other people, they know the Bible, they go to the church meetings and they call themselves Christians but they never followed Jesus Christ. They never walked with Him, they never knew His voice, they never followed Him. They never obeyed Him, they were never changed into His likeness, they just wear the badge. They also hope to attend the marriage feast of the lamb but it is to them that the Master will say:”Friend, how did you get in here without wedding clothes on?”
If we do not walk with Jesus, if we do not know His voice and if we do not follow Him we will never get to know Him, we will never be QUALIFIED. If we do not LIVE BY FAITH, turn out back on the world, TRUST in Jesus, not just with our lips but with our deeds, forsaking the world, forsaking our own plans and ambitions and means, giving it all up and trusting in Jesus, following Him and OBEYING Him where He sends us then we will never know what it means to trust in God when you have got nothing and to SEE HIS HAND MOVE and then you have a testimony of the living God.
Many people just wear the badge, but they never follow Jesus, they don't know Him. To them He will say:”Go away I never knew you.” Are you qualified? Are you walking with Jesus? Are you PROVED to be a child of God? Have you gone the distance? Are you following Jesus or are you just a Christian in name?
Only those who are truly qualified will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Narrow is the door and FEW there be that find it. Jesus said:”Strive HARD, because many will try hard but will not be able to enter.” Will we prove to be QUALIFIED to enter the Kingdom of God?

May Jesus bless you.

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