Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Have you learned the LESSON?

Those who follow and who obey Jesus Christ and who endure until the end will enter the Kingdom of Heaven through MUCH SUFFERING. Jesus teaches us through SUFFERING because we learn through that which we SUFFER. There is no other way to learn but to suffer and therefor those who follow Jesus Christ will be put through suffering, with good reason, so that we can be transformed and changed into His likeness.
If we are not willing to endure suffering and hardship then we will not follow Jesus Christ, we will not be willing to follow Him, we will turn away and we will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus OFTEN puts us through suffering to TEACH US A LESSON. He puts ALL of His children through suffering but some of them never learn the lesson. They suffer in vain and in the end they will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
When we experience suffering we have to PRAY and ASK Jesus and say:”Lord, what must I learn from this?“ Because it is through suffering that He teaches us, He molds us and He makes us into His likeness, He makes us useful for His Kingdom. Jesus Christ Himself, even though He was a son, LEARNED THROUGH THAT WHICH HE SUFFERED. If we are not willing to suffer for the Kingdom of God then we will not enter, we will not be worthy.
Many believers suffer in vain because they DO NOT LEARN, they do not gain understanding. Instead of humbling themselves before Jesus and learning from the experience they try to run away, they try to find their own ways and means to get out of the suffering. They run to the doctor, they run to other people, they look for other reasons, causes for the suffering instead of bowing before Jesus, asking HIM and GAINING UNDERSTANDING.
Once we have learned our lesson from the suffering then we overcome. Many people do not learn from their suffering, they reject and hate God. Have you learned from your suffering or are you suffering in vain?

May Jesus bless you.

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