Thursday, July 3, 2014


The MOST GRUELING CONTEST in the whole world also carries the biggest possible prize and that is the PRIZE of ETERNAL LIFE. The contest is: FOLLOWING Jesus Christ. If we want eternal life we HAVE TO obey Jesus Christ and follow Him. If we want to win the prize we have to COMPLY WITH THE RULES. The rules are the words of Jesus Christ, the words that He spoke as they are also recorded in the gospels Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
Very few people will win that prize because very few are willing to obey Jesus, to deny themselves every day, pick up their cross and GO AFTER HIM until the very very end. Many people believe that they ARE SAVED and they HAVE SALVATION, they ARE DECEIVED by the devil.
You cannot win the prize unless you complete the race, unless you complete the contest SUCCESSFULLY. There is only ONE WAY to win the prize, to have eternal life and that is to FOLLOW and OBEY Jesus Christ EVERY DAY. That is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Without Jesus you cannot do it and that is why so many Christians say it is impossible to STOP SINNING. You HAVE TO STOP SINNING, you HAVE TO obey the words of Jesus or else you WILL NOT win the prize, you WILL NOT have eternal life. You have to compete according to the rules, according to the words of Jesus.
Most Christians are not even in the contest, they have never entered, they DON'T KNOW JESUS! If you want eternal life you have to OBEY Jesus and WALK WITH HIM. REPENT and STOP SINNING, BE BAPTIZED IN WATER and OBEY Jesus, FOLLOW Him and He will REVEAL HIMSELF to you. He will give His Spirit, the HOLY SPIRIT to dwell in you, to GUIDE YOU every step of the way BUT if you do not follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit you WON'T MAKE IT! You will fail!
Most Christians don't know Jesus, most Christians are on their way to hell and they believe that they have salvation. They are deceived. Are you in the contest? Are you following Jesus Christ every day according to the rules? Are you OVERCOMING? Are you WITH JESUS every step of the way?

May Jesus bless you.

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